Bauhaus Earth at UN Buildings and Climate Global Forum

bauhaus earth

We are pleased to be in Paris this week for our session on “Accelerating the Use of Wood & Biobased Materials to Decarbonise Buildings” at the UN Environment Programme’s Buildings and Climate Global Forum. This event is a key step in bringing together high-level stakeholders and policymakers to discuss how the built environment can be shifted from a climate problem to a climate healer.

An international dialogue on decarbonising the built environment

The global construction industry is a major contributor to climate change: almost 40 per cent of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions stem from the construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure, including manufacturing and transportation of materials. At the same time, there is a substantial demand for further construction and renovation. If we continue with current building techniques and materials, the resulting environmental impact will be profound and irreversible.

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By transforming the built environment in the coming decades, we have an immense opportunity to cut and even reverse carbon emissions. At the same time, a regenerative built environment can lead to improved human health, the protection of natural environments, economic benefits, and better social outcomes.

COP28 represented a big step in the conversation on the role of buildings in the multiple environmental crises we are facing. The event led to the launch of the Buildings Breakthrough, led by France and Morocco and supported by 28 governments and the European Commission. In addition, the new Buildings and Climate Global Forum was initiated, which will take place for the first time on March 7-8th in Paris. The event will bring together high-level representatives from governments, businesses, and organisations to strategise the decarbonisation of the built environment.

Find us at the forum!

We are co-hosting a thematic session on “Accelerating the use of Wood & Biobased Materials to Decarbonise Buildings” on March 7th alongside our partner organisations Pilot Projects, Built by Nature, and The Forest and Climate Leaders’ Partnership. In the session, we will dive into strategies, guardrails, and hurdles that must be integrated into the shift from “building as usual” to regenerative alternatives.

At the end of the two days, governments will be invited to endorse a declaration outlining common principles and a cooperation framework to achieve decarbonisation and climate change resilience in the buildings sector. Our event will broaden the connections and multi-sectoral input in the interest of strengthening the collective “Securing the Future of Our Forests & Cities” call-to-action to national policymakers and facilitate inter-organisational commitments and collaborations to help achieve these actions.