Building for the Future

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We are currently facing our most immediate planetary threat: the climate crisis. Global temperatures have risen dramatically – already by more than 1.1 degrees Celsius (°C) compared to pre-industrial levels. This may not seem significant, but the consequences of even a small increase in global temperatures are devastating. It puts immense pressure on the delicate balance of our planet.

One of the key factors in global warming is the way we build

The construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure, including the production and transport of materials, account for nearly 40 per cent of global CO2 emissions. At the same time, there is a high demand for construction and renovation – an additional 2.2 billion people are expected to live in cities by 2050. If we persist with present-day construction methods and materials, the environmental consequences will be dramatic. Building for the Future introduces the concept of a regenerative built environment as an alternative approach to how we currently design and build our cities. This idea advocates practices that not only reverse the existing damage, but also replenish our natural ecosystems.

Series 1: Setting the Frame

Our first knowledge product series, titled ‘Setting the Frame’, presents crucial facts and figures about the built environment as a major contributor to the climate crisis and introduces the vision of a regenerative built environment.

Download “Climate Crisis and the Role of the Built Environment” (Series 1 – Knowledge Product 1)

Download “How to Fix the Built Environment System” (Series 1 – Knowledgeproduct 2)

Download “The Vision of a Regenerative Built Environment” (Series 1 – Knowledge Product 3)

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Series 2: Regenerative Buildings

To gain a deeper understanding of how to put the concept of a regenerative built environment into action, the second series focuses on the building scale. ‘Regenerative Buildings’ explores the practical challenges associated with conventional material choices and building design. The series highlights the need to move towards bio-based materials, circular building, and the practice of sufficiency.

Download “Building with Bio-Based Materials”  (Series 2 – Knowledge Product 1)

Download “Building with Reused and Recycled Materials” (Series 2 – Knowledge Product 2)

Download “Less is More – Building Sufficiently” (Series 2 – Knowledge Product 3)

We kindly thank the Toni Piëch Foundation for supporting the production of the first two series! If you are interested in contributing to subsequent series, or would like to host an event or webinar on ‘Building for the Future’, please contact us at contact(.at.)