Building for the Future Series 2: Regenerative Buildings

bauhaus earth

We are pleased to announce the release of the second part of our ‘Building for the Future’ Knowledge Product Collection! Series 2 ‘Regenerative Buildings’ unpacks the concept of a regenerative built environment at the building scale.

Bauhaus Earth and the Toni Piëch Foundation developed this multi-series Knowledge Product Collection to share the latest research on regenerative building. The Collection provides visually appealing and easily digestible information for both new and familiar audiences. It gives an overview of key developments, concepts, and possible courses of action.

‘Building for the Future Series 2: Regenerative Buildings’ is now available online! Both the first and second series can be downloaded from our website.

Our first Knowledge Product series, ‘Setting the Frame’, examined the current role of the built environment in the climate crisis and presented a vision for the future. The second instalment, ‘Regenerative Buildings’, builds on this to explore the challenges associated with conventional material choices and building design. It offers practical ideas on how to implement the concept of a regenerative built environment. The series highlights the need to move towards bio-based materials, circular construction, and the practice of sufficiency in architecture.

A special thanks to the Toni Piëch Foundation for supporting the production of the first two series! If you are interested in contributing to subsequent series, or would like to host an event or webinar on ‘Building for the Future’, please contact us at contact(.at.)