Follow Bauhaus Earth at COP28

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“The built environment has not yet reached the focus it deserves in global climate debates. COP28 can change that. We urgently need policies that privilege the use of sustainably sourced bio-based materials, recyclables, and a rigorous focus on what we really need.” — Philipp Misselwitz, Executive Director, Bauhaus Earth.

We are delighted to be attending COP28 this year and sharing our work with international organizations, governments, and institutions. In doing so, we hope to raise awareness of the role of the built environment in the international debate on how to address the climate crisis. Bauhaus Earth’s Philipp Misselwitz and Alan Organschi will discuss the role of nature-based solutions in the circular economy, policies needed to foster a regenerative built environment, and the potential for forests and cities to benefit each other. They will speak at events throughout the conference, including:

Building Professionals Demand Climate Action” (Dec. 5, 19:00 CET, online)

Regenerative Bhutan – Transforming Building Culture, Connecting Forest to Frame” (Dec. 6, 15:20 GST, Bhutan Pavilion)

Co-Creating a Forest-Positive Buildings Resource Platform” (Dec. 8, 9:00 GST, Ecuador One Plant Pavilion)

One size fits no one: rethinking the just transition from forests to cities” (Dec. 8, 15:00 GST, Buildings Pavilion)

Nature-based Solutions meet Circular Economy: Cascading use of biomass”, High-Level UNFCC Event (Dec. 9, 16:30 GST, German Pavilion)

We welcome everyone participating in COP to join the conversation and to approach us!

Policy Recommendations during COP28

We urgently need policies that move the built environment toward a bio-based, regional, and circular material basis. To do so, we have developed a set of policy recommendations in collaboration with Built by Nature and Pilot Projects. Read more about “Securing the Future of Our Forests and Cities” and express your support. We urge policymakers and investors at COP28 to support these policy recommendations for a regenerative future.

International Coalition of Building Professionals at COP28

In addition, Bauhaus Earth has formed a powerful coalition of 9 organizations across 18 countries, uniting architects, landscape professionals, and climate activists to tackle the environmental impact of the building industry. Read more about the “Statement for COP28: Building Professionals Demand Climate Action!”.