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Sinking carbon through regional, biobased, circular building economies

Globally, the built environment is the largest single producer of carbon emissions, responsible for approximately 40% of total emissions. If we continue to build our cities and infrastructures using the strategies, practices, and technologies prevalent across the globe today, the environmental and social impacts will be devastating. Given the rapidly closing window for action, simply minimizing harm – in the sense of “decarbonizing“ the building sector – will not be enough. Could a radical shift towards bio-based materials help to turn buildings and cities from climate culprits into an artificial carbon sink? Where should bio-based materials come from to meet the burgeoning construction demand? What climate impacts could be expected? What are the social and ecological risks and how could they be addresses? Together with leading international scholars and practitioners, the webinar discusses possible pathways towards regenerative building practices which could address climate and biodiversity crises and secure dignified living conditions for all species.

The webinar will be in English.

Monday, 13.02.2023, 7-8:30pm CET

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We’re excited to announce the following participants and their inputs:
Galina Churkina (TU Berlin): Sinking carbon by construction
Robyn van den Heuvel (CSFEP): Can we build climate smart fires economies for social, economic, and environmental benefits?  
Abhijeet Mishra (IFPRI): Timber Cities – Where would the wood come from? 
Alan Organschi (Bauhaus Earth): Reforming the anthropocene?
Susanne Winter (WWF Deutschland): Everything from wood – The resource of the future of the next crisis?
The discussion will be moderated by Philipp Misselwitz (Bauhaus Earth).