Bauhaus Earth Awards Second of Two New Fellowships to Heidi Jalkh and Angie Dub

bauhaus earth

We are pleased to introduce the second of two new BE-FELLOW projects starting in 2024! In their project, “From mono-material to multi-performance”, Argentinian duo Heidi Jalkh and Angie Dub will delve into the use of bio-ceramics made from seashells in architecture.

This fellowship was awarded through the second Open Call for the Bauhaus Earth Fellowship Programme (BE-FELLOW), a collaboration between Bauhaus Earth and Experimental. Read more about our other upcoming BE-FELLOW Kevin Kimwelle here.

Photograph of a hand moving sample bioceramic materials.

A Multidisciplinary Perspective on Bio-Material

The team for the newest BE-FELLOW project brings together the expertise of a materials designer and an environmental architect.

Heidi specialises in bio-inspired materials, interdisciplinary research, and craft-based processes. Her practice emphasises the integration of biology, design, and engineering. A recipient of the Humboldt Innovation Award 2022, Heidi’s work is characterised by significant connections between form, behaviour, and material. Angie focuses on sustainable architecture and energy efficiency. She uses her projects as platforms for applied research into new bio-based materials, such as sheep wool insulation. In doing so, her practice continuously explores the link between environmental science and the local built form.

Both Heidi and Angie synthesise design and science, using their collaborative work as both artistic practice and research laboratory. They root their methods in local contexts, giving them the potential to be replicated in diverse settings. In doing so, they reimagine the future of the built environment through innovative methods and technologies.

Exhibition piece of bioceramic material made from seashells.

From Mono-Material to Multi-Performance

Starting in mid-2024, Angie and Heidi’s BE-FELLOW project will focus on advancing a bioceramic material made at ambient temperature from shellfish industry waste. Through this work, they will build on 10 years of experience in materials experimentation. The fellowship will enable critical milestones towards certification for application by prototyping and testing mono-material gradients in collaboration with RWTH Aachen (Trako). At the same time, Heidi and Angie will work with Bauhaus Earth to demonstrate potential applications of the material in 1:1 architectural fragments in Berlin and Buenos Aires. This project is based on Heidi’s previous work INFAUNA with the Laboratory of Biomaterials of Valdivia (LABVA).

Mussels growing on rock in a natural environment.

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