bauhaus earth at cop 27

bauhaus earth

COP 27 is taking place in Egypt this year. On Friday November 11 , the Panel “Building our Future – The Potential of the Building Sector and Building Materials for a Climate neutral World” will take place at the BuildingsPavillion.  Philipp Misselwitz will join for Bauhaus Earth together with Vera Rodenhoff, (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, Germany), Jonathan Duwyn ( GlobalABC / UNEP),Anna Dyson (Yale CEA), Prof. Dr. Johan Rockström (PIK), Prof. Dr. Dirk Messner (UBA), Sharon Prince (Design for Freedom) and Mariana Castaño Cano (Moderator). 

The role of carbon storing buildings and of decarbonisation will be discussed. The latest research on building materials and their impacts will also be presented.   

The livestream of the event is available online, join the discussion here.  

For more information read about the event here and visit the COP 27 website.