bauhaus earth

We are an ecosystem of collaborators from the fields of architecture and planning, the arts, science, governance, and industry.

As an interdisciplinary think-and-do tank, we reimagine collaborative, beautiful and regenerative ways to build and live. We convene and connect thinkers, designers, and policy makers from across the globe and, with them, pursue our goals through research, demonstration projects and political advocacy.

think tank

The Think Tank focuses on transforming the built environment through scientific inquiry and policy advising. Our interdisciplinary team addresses knowledge gaps in existing research and policy, and identifies points of intervention to put the transformation of the construction sector on the global agenda.

the labs

The Labs are collaborative spaces for experimentation, design, and implementation. Our Lab in Berlin is part of a global network of partner Labs and collaborators. Outside traditional building regulatory systems, the Labs research, develop, and test scalable solutions for regenerative design. These demonstration projects are a key part of Bauhaus Earth’s political advocacy; moving beyond pure research to show what is possible in the real world.

learning network

The Learning Network is dedicated to knowledge sharing and encourages transdisciplinarity, co-creation, and mutual learning across diverse geographies. We translate the findings of our research and practice into teaching and training formats for decision makers, practitioners, and civil society actors, empowering them as agile and creative change agents of the built environment.

Bauhaus Earth was instrumental in establishing the New European Bauhaus initiative, we continue to advise and support its rollout and implementation.