bauhaus earth purpose

Our mission is to transform building and human settlements from a driver of climate and societal crises into creative forces for systemic regeneration. Only a complete systemic overhaul of our built environment will prevent a global climate catastrophe.

The cities we live in today were formed using extractive and environmentally harmful methods. If we continue to build as we have, the environmental and social impacts will be devastating. Yet increased urbanization is inevitable: 1.6 billion people live in multidimensional poverty today, and by 2050, another 2.5 billion humans will need housing. Close to sixty percent of the buildings needed in the coming century have yet to be built, the majority in the Global South.

The future of the planet depends on how we handle this building project. New construction represents one of our best and greatest opportunities for systemic restoration: If built regeneratively, our cities can act as carbon sinks and create equitable development opportunities. We can do more than become climate neutral, we can be climate positive, create new value systems and promote equitable societies.