The Global Regenerative Building Challenge

bauhaus earth

The Global Regenerative Building Challenge prompts builders, designers and researchers from across the globe to create regenerative design solutions. Contributions can range from specific eco-systemic and social analysis, to architectural design processes, to fully-executed building projects within predefined regenerative criteria set by the Bauhaus Earth. We welcome participants from the fields of logistics/building supply chains, ecology, architecture, design, construction, building development, environmental management and policy making. The Challenge encourages participation from individuals, community-based organizations and research institutes, especially early-career thinkers and makers. 

The Challenge is a collaborative effort that promotes mutual learning and exchange, while shedding light on specific building traditions and local cultures. The Regenerative Earth Challenge aims to:

Explore – discover the diversity of existing approaches and promote regenerative building solutions from all continents to attest that buildings can be climate positive. 

Connect – people and ideas. Create a strong global network of like-minded changemakers across climate zones, national borders, sectoral silos, languages and culture to unleash big potential.

Innovate – develop, test and implement a variety of regenerative building solutions that rebalance the planetary ecosystem and social structures and are both replicable and scalable.